Progressive Cavity Pump With Rectangular Hopper Screw Pump For Viscous and High solid Content Fluid M1 Type

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Shandong, China
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High Pressure

Working Principle and Structure and Progressive Cavity Pump

PC pump as a type of positive displacement pump works based on the interference fix between the stationary stator and the eccentric turning rotor. This interference movement forms several separated and air-proof cavities, running from the inlet to outlet along the axis because of the rotor’s rotation, which results in the medium’s continuous conveyance in cavities.

For the special structure and working principle, PC pump is the most suitable for the conveyance of various medium of solid particle or fiber, viscous, corrosive, shear-sensitive, mixture of gas and at different temperature.

Medium Transferred by Progressive Cavity Pump

• High solid content fluid

(The solid content of sewage can reach 45%)

• Suitable for medium with viscosity up to 1,000,000 cp.

• Fluids containing fibrous materials

• Shear force or centrifugal force sensitivity medium

• Multiphase mixture of gas, solid and liquid

Usage Fields of Progressive Cavity Pump

• Environmental Protection Field

• Biogas Energy Field

• Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry

• Offshore Platform

• Coal Water Slurry Field

• Mining Industry

• Paper Making Industry

• Emulsion explosive Industry

• Food, Beverage and Pharmaceuticals Industry

• Accurate Dosing Processing Industry

Notes on Type Selection of Subtor Progressive Cavity Pump

Outstanding Advantage

M0 type hopper progressive cavity pump is specially designed and very suitable for the conveyance of medium with higher viscosity and solid content approximate 13%-18%.The coupling rod is customized with helical blades to promote the medium into the stator cavity more smoothly and much easier so as to improve the transfer efficiency greatly.


Wide range of raw material for choice to meet the various requirements of individual application.

Carbon steel, Stainless Steel S304, Stainless Steel S316, Stainless Steel 2Cr13, Intermediate Duplex Stainless Steel S32205, Advanced Duplex Stainless Steel S31260, Tool Steel Cr12MoV, Alloyed Carbon Steel 42CrMo are all available.

Besides, the rotor’s surface can be treated by chrome-plated, vacuum quenching or WC/CrC thermal spray welding technology to meet different abrasion and corrosion resistant requirements.

Rotors can also be designed and machined into different geometrical shapes (A Type, B Type, D Type and P Type) to be suitable for customers’ various working conditions.


Subtor has its own unique rubber formula to produce various types of quality stator.

NBR Rubber, NBRH Rubber, HNBR Rubber, EPDM Rubber are chosen for general application with high performance of abrasion and corrosion resistance, swelling resistance, oil bearing and anti-aging.

Sanitary Grade NBRF Rubber, EPDMF Rubber are selected for the specialrequirements in food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

FKM Rubber and PTFE Rubber are offered for the transportation of medium with extremely high temperature endurance and strong corrosive resistant property.

Transmission System

Several types of universal joint are available for your choice to meet the various requirements of different torque and axial load.

Pin type universal joint and pin with bushing type universal joint are the most widely used in general application with excellent performance.

Titanium alloy flexible rod universal joint are specially developed and adopted for food, beverage, cosmetic, emulsion explosive and pharmaceuticals industry, with the outstanding advantages of food grade sanitary processing, non-contamination to medium, reliable and endurable operation.

Open universal joint are strongly recommended for the medium with good lubricating property.

Cross universal joint is specially designed and the most suitable for the multi-stage pump with super higher torque and axial loading endurance property.

Shaft Seal

Packing seal and mechanical seal are offered for different working conditions.

Also there are various types and materials to choose for mechanical seal.

Germany brand Eagleburgmann mechanical seal are used for the well-known of

reliable and endurable operation.

The most widely used type of mechanical seal:

1.Single Mechanical Seal(MG1,M7N,HJ977)

2.Double Mechanical Seal(M74D, Single Mechanical Seal Back to Back Installation)

3.Cartridge Mechanical Seal

4. Material of mechanical seal: Q2Q2VGG or U2U2VGG,etc.

Driving System

Gear Reducer and Motor

To ensure the pump reliable operation, the gear reducer and motor of Germany SEW brand and NORD brand is strongly recommended for the outstanding advantages of low noise, no vibration, safety working and well-known high quality and reliability.

Explosion-proof Motor

Usually, explosion-proof motor of Dazhong or Xianda brand is recommended. ABB brand is also available, if necessary. Protection class IP55, insulation class F, explosion-proof class DIIBT4 or DIICT4.

Inlet and Outlet Connection

Inlet: Rectangular hopper is specially designed for M0 type screw pump with medium much easier entrance into the suction housing. The size of the hopper can be customized for your individual application.

Outlet: Flange connection, Threaded connection, Quick Release Clamp Connection are are available for your choice. We can do according to your requirements.

Flushing System

Different flushing systems are available for individual working condition, according to API682 standard, such as Plan 31, Plan 53A, or Plan 54.

Packaging and Shipping

The goods are offered with standard plywood case, no need of fumigation, suitable for long distance transportation. Excellent protection your goods from damage.

The goods can be transported by sea, by train, by air or by the combined transportation modes as your requirements.

Our Services

Our professional after-sale engineers are ready to provide solutions for you at any time.

Services include:

•Training operators

•Fast response and solution to solve clients’ problems

•Commissioning, maintenance and repair

•Technical consultation and spare parts purchase suggestion

Company Information

Weifang Subtor Rotating Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd., a joint venture between Germany Subtor GmbH in China, is a professional enterprise in research, design, production and sales the relative products based on moineau principle. Subtor withplants and technical centers in both Germany and China, sales offices and customer service centers in both Central America and Asia Pacific Region. In addition, we have working agents and sales representatives at your service in Russia, Kazakhstan, America, Kuwait, India, South America.

Key products: Progressive Cavity Pump, Grinder Macerator, Directional Drilling Mud Motor Power Section, Down Hole PC Pump, Stator Core and the relevant spare parts and services.

Every year, we attend the international professional exhibitions related to pc pump, not only for better service of our customers but also for keeping in pace with the latest pumping technology. If possible, welcome to our booth for more communications.


1.Are you a factory or a trading company?

We are one of the most professional manufactures in progressive cavity pump and the relevant spare parts, a joint venture company with Germany Subtor GmbH.

2. Where is your company and is it convenient to visit your company?

We are located at Weifang City, Shandong Province, China, and it only takes about one hour from Qingdao airport to our company by car, also there are Weifang Airport for choice. So it’s very convenient to visit us!

3. Why do we choose your company as the partner?

²Germany Subtor GmbH expansion project in China, German pumping technology, leading standards worldwide.

²Technology is Subtor’s core competitiveness. Customized pumping solutions for your individual requirements.

²The most advanced production facilities directly imported from Germany, like PS1000 multifunctional helicoidal CNC. Excellent equipment is the basic guarantee for quality products in Subtor.

²Unique stator rubber formula with outstanding advantages. German original stator is also available.

4. How long will it take to receive your orders?

Usually we arrange the shipment within one week if in stock.

It takes about 4-8 weeks for the new production. (According to the order quantity)

5. What’s your acceptable payment mode?


6. What’s the package?

The goods are offered with plywood case, no need of fumigation.

Excellent protection your goods from any damage.

7. How do you deal with client’s quality complaints?We are always responsible for every customer. Once any quality complaint, our professional after-sales service engineer will contact you and help you to solve the problems as soon as possible.

How could you find the most suitable pump?Please offer us specific information as much as possible.

1)Medium details: medium temperature, viscosity, solid content, abrasive and corrosive property, welling property,etc.

2) Pump capacity3) Pump pressure (head)4) Outlet and inlet pipe diameter and the transportation distance

5) Working site condition (indoor/outdoor, explosion-proof)

6) If possible, please provide more details about the pump you are using at present.