Gear Coupling

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Delhi, India
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A torsionally rigid, lubricated design that offers high torque capacity, application versatility, and where high torque loads exist or shaft diameters exceed 100mm, the lowest initial cost. Available in 28 sizes, and all featuring triple-crowned teeth, David Brown gear couplings offer the industry leading torque ratings (over 8 million Nm) and the largest bore capacities (up to 1025 mm).

Type GC02 & GC05 Continuous Sleeve Couplings – Features a one-piece, low profile sleeve encompassing the hubs. Economical and compact they are available in both close coupled and floating shaft models. Type G/GF32 Spacer Coupling – For pumps and compressor applications, provide ease of servicing connected equipment. Type G/GF52 Floating Shaft Coupling – Used when distance between equipment is too great for spacer couplings. Two single engagement couplings with interconnecting shaft. Also available for vertical mounting. Type G/GF20 Close – Coupled Double Engagement Coupling – Design with 2 flex halves to accommodate both offset and angular misalignment. Also available for vertical mounting.